Repairable products made to last over time

At MAGNETA, we believe in the durability of our devices. That’s why our approach is the opposite of disposable. Our range of products is designed to be maintained, with easily interchangeable parts.
For the items we distribute, we expect our suppliers to share our vision and provide us with spare parts to solve any problems that may arise when using their equipment.

We do our best to ensure that all our products can be serviced at our after-sales service centre, extending their lifespan, sometimes even beyond 10 years.

Repairable products

Prepare tomorrow, recycle today

MAGNETA is also part of a recycling network for batteries and electronic equipment. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by giving equipment a second life at the end of its life cycle.

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Simplified repair, enhanced longevity

As a repair center for over 20 years, this long experience bears witness to our commitment to the quality and reliability of our reconditioning services. In 2024, Magneta is expanding its range of skills to refurbish more equipments in-house. This enables us to offer a faster, more responsible service, with step-by-step follow-up.

We give you the opportunity to extend the life of your devices: front and rear shells, screens, batteries and buttons can all be easily replaced.

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Checking your product warranty

Repair or replacement: it’s possible. If your purchased product malfunctions or breaks down, the guarantee covers parts, labour and return to the workshop. From the date of purchase, you have up to three years to have your appliance repaired (depending on your type of appliance and your warranty options). Find out more about the contractual warranties for our products in our « Terms of Sales ».

Repairing a faulty product

Often, when we buy a new product, it’s because the old one no longer works.

Repairs are often possible, even in situations where you might think otherwise. Sometimes, after diagnosis by our after-sales team, no parts need to be changed. But when this is the case, MAGNETA makes every effort to stock as many spare parts as possible so that we can repair all your products. Opting for repairs can be a cost-effective solution and can extend the life of your appliance. Give it a second chance!