Emergency situations

These alarm systems are also used by administrations such as schools, which have been equipped following the attacks in Nice in 2016.

These recent attacks and the current context of terrorist threat have led to a strengthening of security measures in schools (security measures defined in the circulars of 2 November, 4 and 2 December 2, 2015 and amended by the instruction of April 12 2017).

From now on, the schools must put in place their Particular Plan of Safety in the face of the major risks or to update it in order to make operational all the measures of setting in safety of the pupils and staff.

The PPMS provides inter alia the establishment of a specific alert system within the school.

Geolocation of people in danger

Thanks to their built-in GPS locator beacon, these alert buttons allow a fast and efficient mobile GPS location outdoors.

Indeed, during an SOS alert, the emergency services must be able to quickly identify the location of the victim in order to help him.

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How SOS buttons work

By simply pressing the sos button, the device will enter into communication with pre-recorded numbers so that the victim can talk and warn the emergency services.

Thanks to a GSM 2G / 3G technology communication is fast and bilateral with a microphone and a speaker placed judiciously on the device.

In case of aggression or in a situation of extreme urgency, the person must sometimes give the alert discreetly.

For this, the devices are equipped with a unilateral unobtrusive listening mode: the device turns off the speaker mode so that the helpers can hear what happens without the attacker noticing.

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