Twig Protector: the reference GSM device PTI

Twig Protector

The reference for the protection of isolated workers


The TWIG PROTECTOR has established itself as the safest single-person alarm device best suited to the problems of isolated workers.

Finnish manufacturing is a concentrate of the best technologies integrated in a dedicated, compact and industrial design.

Remarkable alarm features

Expert PTI-DATI Functions


Positive security and supervision


Detection of loss of verticality


IP67 degree of protection

Dedicated SOS key


Programmable remote

Detection of the absence of movement


Management of missions and services

GPS and interior location

With excellent ergonomics, the Twig Protector is a GSM PTI box designed specifically for the protection of workers in isolation or danger.

Following a deliberate or automatic alarm trigger, the dead man device will trigger a secure cascade of calls and send a customizable alert SMS.

The Easy-Alert online monitoring application allows you to view the status of your devices in real time, set up your events and make a GPS location request following an event.

The TWIG PROTECTOR perfectly meets the constraints of professional use (industries, work at home, health institutions, senior management, administrations, communities of communes, guarding, laboratories, environment, service companies, construction, cleaning, transport ... )

Your workers are in ATEX zone?

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